Villagio is a beautiful luxury resort specifically designed for weddings, receptions and corporate retreats. We enjoy celebrating life in whatever form that may be. If the date is available at the Villagio, then our Vendor team is available too.

Discover for yourself the first all-inclusive wedding resort in Fort Worth, TX. Offering a convenient and stress free experience which allows you to feel like you’re on vacation on your wedding day.

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Villagio Venue Pricing

We pride ourselves in being the most flexible and affordable wedding venue in Texas, and in doing so we build custom wedding packages using our patented BrideMatch® Software.  Whether you want a simple wedding with the best of the basics, or you want us to roll out the red carpet with everything that Villagio has to offer, we have something for everyone!  To receive a FREE QUOTE just fill out the form below, and someone will be in touch within 24 hours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the answers to these questions may also be found in our Wedding/Reception Agreement. Click Here to view it in a PDF.

  • How much is the Reservation Deposit to Book my Wedding at the Villagio?
    • Answer: We require a $2,000 Reservation Deposit to secure your wedding date at the Villagio. This deposit is applied towards the total balance and also secures the Villagio  Vendor Team as well.
  • What time can we check into the Villagio on the day of the wedding?
    • Answer: 10am
  • How many hours do my guests have at the venue?

    • Answer: We include 6 hours for guest access. Additional hours may be purchased, if desired.
  • What is the latest our event can go for the reception?
    • Answer: 12:30am
  • Can I Bring my own Alcohol?
    • Answer: Yes, Villagio doesn’t sell or provide alcohol. We will provide all the bartending services, bar glassware, cocktail napkins, drink garnishes and mixers.
  • What kind of Mixers do your provide for the Bar?
    • Answer: Coke, Diet Coke, Tonic Water, Club Soda, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Triple Sec, Fresca (Grapefruit), Margarita Mix, Sweet & Dry Vermont and Sweet & Sour, Limes, Cherrys, Lemons and Olives.
  • Are Shots permitted or Shot Glasses provided?
    • Answer: All bartending services must be provided by Villagio Resorts as stated in the reception agreement. We do provide common bar glassware such as wine goblets, beer pilsners, rocks glasses for mixed drinks and champagne flutes as standard bar glassware (for up to 350 guests). Upon request and for an additional rental fee, we can provide margarita or cocktail glassware as well. However, we do not allow the serving of shots and subsequently do not provide shot glasses. We support the TABC licensed bartenders in their mission to provide a safe alcoholic beverage serving environment. As a result we do not allow them to serve guests at their table. In addition, all TABC licensed bartenders reserve the right to cease beverage service to a guest or patron who has chosen not to drink responsibly and has probable cause to be of danger to other guests or to themselves. We respectfully hope that you will join us in complying and supporting all TABC codes and policies.
  •  When is my final guest count due?
    • Answer: 30 Days before the wedding.
  • Who do I contact to Schedule my Wedding Rehearsal?
    • Answer: Your wedding coordinator or the Villagio planning office will assist you with scheduling your rehearsal.
  • Can we have the Rehearsal Dinner at the Villagio?
    • Answer: Yes. Please contact your Venue Concierge for scheduling of your Rehearsal Dinner. These type of events can only be calendared within 45 days of your wedding date as scheduled weddings or other private events take priority over rehearsal dinners. Rehearsal Dinners may be scheduled up to 8pm.
  • How many people can I bring for the Private Tasting?
    • Answer: Villagio has included the Private Tasting service to accommodate up to 4 guests total.
  • How many courses are provided at the Private Tasting?
    • Answer: The Chef presentation includes up to 3 entrees, 3 sides, 3 appetizers and 2 salads of your choosing. When you schedule your private tasting online; you will be required to fill out a tasting form for these selections.
  • How often do I meet with my wedding coordinator?
    • Answer: There are 3 designated meetings that will be scheduled with your Event Coordiantor. You may also email, text or call them during regular business hours for any questions you may have. Your first appointment is an introductory meeting to get to know your wedding ideas, designs and vision. The second is more logistical and will require the receipt of a planning questionnaire that will be emailed to you directly from your wedding coordinator. The final meeting is to walk through the designed table layouts and wedding day timeline.
  • When is the latest that I can make changes to my wedding?
    • Answer: 30 days prior to your event is when your guest count is due as well as final balance. The only vendor we allow you to make additions with beyond this point is with Joche W. At this 30 day mark you will be required to pay any Joche W. Billing in full to Villagio Resorts. You may have up to 14 days prior to your wedding to add any last minute details or requests. Any open balances must be taken care of 14 days prior to your wedding date. Remember, you may not decrease your guest count or the value of any items on your invoice after the 30 day mark.
  • What is the maximum capacity the buildings at the Villagio will hold?
    • Answer: The Mini Ballroom inside the Residence will hold functions up to 50 guests. The Wedding Chapel will accommodate 280 persons for a Wedding Ceremony and 150 for a wedding reception. The Lakeside Ballroom will hold up to 325 for a reception or up to 450 for a wedding ceremony.
  • Are cocktail tables or low-boy tables included?
    • Answer: Yes. We have up to 40 cocktail tables that may be used or up to 25 low cafe tables that seat 5 per table. There is not charge for the hardware; linens for these types of tables may be purchased through Joche W. or through your wedding coordinator if you are using an outside florist.
  • Are Linens included in the rental rate?
    • Answer: No. Linens are either annotated as additional line items on the invoice or will be included in the design proposal provided by Joche W. Floral and Event Design or the Villagio Resorts Coordination Team.
  • Are we able to self-serve alcohol in our private suites?
    • Answer: Yes.
  • Can we use the Pool for personal use or decorating?
    • Answer: There is no swimming in the pool. The pool is primarily used for decoration. Joche W. will provide you with the limitations on what can and cannot be used as decor in or around the Pool.
  • Is smoking allowed?
    • Answer: Villagio has designated outdoor smoking areas. Smoking is prohibited inside any of the buildings.
  • Are Fireworks allowed?
    • Answer: Yes, fireworks are allowed the last week of December and the first week of January. They are also allowed the last week in June and the first week in July.
  • If we want to stay the night at the Villagio; when will we know if the Suite Dimora with the massages and breakfast is available?
    • Answer: 30 days before we will let you know whether the day following your wedding day is available.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    • Answer: We accept all major cedit or debit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover), cashier’s check, personal checks and money orders. A Credit Card pre-authorization form may be provided for convenience. Click Here to download a copy of the form.
  • What is all included in the entree pricing on the Menus?
    • Answer: Bread, Butter, Water, Tea, 2 sides and 1 salad.
  • Can I bring my own food or dessert in?
    • Answer: Villagio doesn’t allow outside catering or reception staffing. However, we do provide a team of chefs that can provide competitive pricing for options not outlined on the cuisine menus. We do allow outside pastry chefs. They are required to sign our vendor agreement form and provide proof of insurance. Click Here to Download our Vendor Agreement Form.
  • How do I count children that are coming to my wedding? Is there a Chlidren’s Menu?
    • Answer: Villagio is family friendly. Most guests 12 and under are considered children. If you believe the child attending will sit in a chair and take up a place setting at your wedding; then please count them as a guest. A toddler who may sit on their mother’s lap does not need to be counted as part of your guest count. We do offer a children’s menu. You must have a minimum of 15 children attending the wedding to qualify for a children’s menu.
  • Where do I go to obtain the Event Insurance?
    • Answer: is the website where you will purchase your wedding insurance for $175. Liquor liability is the most important part of this insurance binder. Villagio requires event insurance for all events and liquor liability for all events where alcohol will be served.

We are honored that you are interested in using the Villagio Resorts to celebrate your wedding day. We look forward to serving your families and friends.


Jake Tracy, GM